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Make your production and logistics 
faster, safer and more transparent 
with Indoorway InSites 4.0 - on all-in-one solution for industrial processes tracking & analytics.

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    Get the most precise indoor location tool for monitoring foot and asset traffic.

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    Analyze data and make better-informed decisions.

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    Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes.

Digitize your industrial site

Build a full-blown monitoring system to keep track of what’s going 
on in your warehouse or a production site at all times.

Collect highly precise data

Install location trackers on vehicles 
and assets to record their usage and movements with up to 20 cm accuracy.

Get detailed statistics

Access real-time and historical data - like time measurements or shift activites - via 
Analytical Dashboard
, wherever you are.

Improve workplace security

Equip your employees with pocket-sized location tags that can also serve as 
access cards to restricted areas.

industry analytics

Prevent problems and find the best solutions

Explore more options to ensure that your employees stay safe and your assets are properly utilized.

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Set on alarm system

Prevent health hazards, 
workplace accidents and 
theft by setting up warning 

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Process mapping

Measure & monitor KPIs and 
mitigate potential risk before 
it even happens thanks to 
mapped processes.

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Keep an eye on contractors

Make sure all your contractors 
and seasonal workers act 
according to safety rules.

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Manage your fleet

Check how many of your 
vehicles are in use
wheter you need to expand 
your fleet or cut costs.

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What our clients say

Thanks to data collected by Indoorway’s solution 
we’ve examined the usage rate of each unloading 
ramp, activity of each shift, as well as the movement of forklifts. With such insights and analytical tools we can easily standardize our employees’ work cycle, monitor assets and optimize logistics processes better.

Kamila Gudzowska-Krzyżak

supply chain manager

electrolux poland